Undead & Reckless

Thank God for strong, hard ass, effective, liquor. 

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My goal, is to look like this. 

Why are you making yourself out to be the victim? I’m over here falling apart. You have a father and a mother to go to. You have your ex girlfriend to go to. Guess who I have? Nobody now. You know where my father is and my mom’s too busy to ever discuss anything. And I love and respect you enough to not go and talk to my exes. That’s just not right. That is such a low thing to do. I wouldn’t even if I was single and was having issues. They are exes for a reason. I thought she hurt you? I thought she did shit while you two were on a “break”? Well, how do you think I feel when I’m here without any support, in a relationship with you. Or so we were and you’re talking to her. Not fair, right? You may not agree. But honestly, like I said in the previous post. It’s not even about that. It’s about the care and respect I receive and you receive. If we talked things through, we’d be golden. We’d have an incredible relationship. We did have an incredible relationship. I don’t know what’s gotten into you recently but I’d love to know. I love you more than words can even begin to describe. I hope I can talk to you more tonight.

Why is this okay? All I could ask for is for things to go back to normal. I want you, nobody else. How come as soon as I deleted my Snapchat, suddenly her name appears on your “best friends” list? This is no coincidence this time. That is pure disrespect. I’m not going to allow that to bother me anymore though. If you want her lying, stupid, pathetic, slutty ass, you can fucking have her. She “Understands” you, right? It was okay when you guys were friends, but when there’s constantly deleted snaps and messages it starts to fuck with a girl’s head. I have been so damn loyal. You see everything I do. So if you want me, okay. I’m here. Always will be. But if you want her. Then fine, do what makes you happy.

Now I lay me down to sleep

the worries and thoughts begin to seep

deeper and deeper into my head

All I want is to go to bed

You hover above me in my dreams

you love me dearly, so it seems

you show me each and every day

you remind me everything’s okay

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Trying to explain this to somebody is so difficult. Why can’t things just be normal and easy?

I wish her name would just disappear I don’t want to hear it or see it anymore

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❝ There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts. ❞

- (via -misanthropy)

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In 10 or 11 years when she gets the joke, she’s gonna love this photo.

How long do you think it takes a child to learn how to read

Just talk to me, that’s all I need.

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secondhandxsmoke: hi babe i miss you (:

ASDKJFJ;AASDJKDKJD Savannah! I miss you more! </3

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